7 Ways to Never Feel the Imposter Syndrome Again

The imposter syndrome is feeling like you don’t belong at the table, even though there’s good evidence you do.

The imposter syndrome includes nagging fear of being found out.

“I am always looking over my shoulder wondering if I measure up.” Sonia Sotomayor Associate Justice on the Supreme Court USA

You’ve met ignorant posers who pretend to know. We figure out the fringes. Most of the time we learn and relearn as we go. Anything beyond that is illusion.

Imposter Syndrome: I am always looking over my shoulder wondering if I measure up. Image of Sonia Sotomayor - Associate Justice on the Supreme Court

7 ways to never feel the imposter syndrome again:

#1. Let yourself be seen.

Reject hidden agendas. A hidden agenda forces you to hide.

Practice transparency and vulnerability. Don’t tell everything about yourself. But never pretend you’re someone more than an unfinished painting with plenty of shadows and bright spots.

#2. Always seek the best interest of others.

#3. Live a self-directed life, not a self-centered life.

Healthy people live with a sense of personal responsibility. Never give the helm of your ship to anyone. The life you have today is the life you built.

#4. Live to fulfill an open-hearted mission.

Buildings, growing an organization, owning property, and big bank accounts are offensive unless your mission is people-centric.

#5. Define success in terms of behaviors.

Don’t let artificial goals beat you down. Goals are useful when they distill into daily behaviors.

Climb a little higher today. Image of a person climbing a mountain.

#6. Focus on moving the agenda forward.

Climb a little higher today. Honor imperfect progress. Start over after you screw up.

A person who can’t start over is doomed to stay the same.

Overcome the imposter syndrome by living a forward-facing life.

#7. Include others on the journey.

An isolated leader is lost. You need others to see yourself.

If you can get there alone, you need higher goals.

How might leaders quiet the imposter syndrome?

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