5 Surprising Truths About Feeling Inferior

God and nitwits never feel inferior. Normal folk grapple with feeling inferior. Feeling like you’re not there yet is reality, not inferiority. Feeling like you’ve arrived is delusion.

The dog who barks the loudest is feeling inferior.

The dog that barks the loudest is feeling inferior. Image of two dogs - one growling.

Not inferior:

#1. Mistake-making.

You prove yourself worthy – not inferior – when you own up to screwing up. Feeling disappointed for screwing up is opportunity when you own it.

#2. Not being smartest.

It’s wise, not weak, to surround yourself with smart people. Inferiority fights to be right when it’s wrong. Leaders who feel worthy have courage to learn,

Believing in yourself isn't arrogant when you acknowledge you have far to go. Image of a person looking away.

#3. Weakness.

Awareness of faults, frailties, and weaknesses doesn’t make you inferior; it makes you self-aware. Wallowing in weaknesses makes you inferior. Facing weaknesses is courageous.

Believing in yourself isn’t arrogant when you acknowledge you have far to go.

#4. Serving.

Serving others isn’t needy, unless you do it with hidden motives.

Serving others is self-serving in a good way. You serve in part to earn opportunity, to demonstrate value, and because it feels good.

You feel envy when feeling inferior. Image of a dog with round glasses on.

#5. Comparison.

Comparing yourself to others is part of life. You are inferior to everyone in some way. Only jerk-holes are superior to everyone. You’re not as smart as Einstein and you don’t care, unless you want to outshine him. Then you feel envy.

You feel envy when feeling inferior.

The opposite of feeling inferior:

The opposite of inferiority is worthy, not superiority. Others help us feel worthy, but the most important person to believe is you.

You don’t have to be the smartest, strongest, or most successful, but feeling worthy helps you learn, grow, and contribute.

“Self-doubt contributes to people choosing misery over joy and emptiness over fulfillment and imprisonment over freedom.” B.J. Davis

What signs of feeling inferior do you see in others? In you?

When did you begin feeling worthy?

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