Some Childhood Aspirations Come True

Some of my childhood aspirations come true. And some childhood aspirations drifted into oblivion.

I’m delighted I grew up on a farm, but milking cows cured me of any desire to be a dairy farmer. I hated the monotony of milking cows twice a day. Tractors are fun. Machinery is fun. I admire farmers and love farm life, but I imagined getting away from the farm.

Childhood aspirations: Milking cows cured me of any desire to be a dairy farmer. Image of a person milking a cow.

In elementary school I imagined being a hermit. There’s something exhilarating about being secluded and alone. My hermit-voice is my introvert voice. I’m still a hermit today. I don’t live in a shanty with an outhouse but I enjoy my own company. My imagined self took on a new form but my childhood aspirations live on.

Some people prefer death to public speaking, but I’ve been imagining myself speaking in front of groups since I was 13. In this case, imagination became reality.

I always imagined myself successful as a leader and speaker, but my broadest impact comes from writing. I didn’t attempt writing until my 50’s. I never imagined a global reach.

Speaking and writing came together when I received my first invitation to speak to a group of church leaders. It must have been about 2001 or so. I told my wife we could make money doing this. We laughed.

Unanticipated eventualities may change your life. Image of a surprised person.

Our first trip overseas happened because a group in Ireland completely changed their approach to reorganization because of an article I wrote. They were having a grand re-launch of their organization and thought I should be there. So we flew to Ireland.

And then leadership coaching came out of the blue.

I am – in many ways – the person I have been since birth. On the other hand, one thing leads to another; new aspirations find life. I am surprised that both things are true.

What were some of your childhood aspirations?

How have your childhood aspirations come true?