Happy New Year 2023

I posted a few articles in December of 2009, but began writing Leadership Freak in earnest January 2010. Since then, I’ve typed over 1.2 million words and posted over 4,000 articles.

How did it happen? I was dissatisfied with myself and decided to try something new.

Dissatisfaction is useful when it motivates action – but not any action – new action.

I made a few good decisions, most by accident. I decided to write things I wanted to read. I didn’t do market research or develop a plan. Posts are brief because I have a short attention span. People ask, “Who is your audience?” I say, “Me.”

Vacillating is boring. Just say it.

I’m not trying to trick you into staying on my site. Headings allow readers to decide if they want to read an article. If the content isn’t of interest, I want you to know ASAP.

Someone asked, “Aren’t you afraid you’ll contradict yourself?” I replied, “I hope I do.” When you learn, you change. When I began, I thought leadership was all about skills. I had three conversations that changed my thinking.

Leadership Freak has taken me all over the U.S. and even overseas. But the greatest joy was a bigger surprise. The cherry on top of my experience is meeting scores of interesting people. I’m thankful my contribution opens doors to conversations that change me.

Making money wasn’t the plan and is still secondary. The first speaking invitation came in 2011. I remember telling my wife we can make money at this. We both laughed. I succeed when I add value.

2023 is the 14th year for Leadership Freak. 10’s of millions of people from every country on the globe have read these short articles. It’s more than I imagined. I look forward to learning and contributing in this new year.

Happy New Year,


PS I’m excited to announce that John David Mann and I wrote a book that is set for release this year. More later.