Nothing But Nuggets from the Top Posts of 2022

Life without confidence is agony. Image of a duck walking toward fog.

Nothing but nuggets from the top posts of 2022:

3 Powerful steps toward confidence

“Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” Helen Keller

#1. Act with imperfect certainty.

While making decisions examine options. Seek input. Go with your highest point of confidence.

Act with certainty once you make a decision.

Confidence is displayed by the way we use our ears. Image of an ear.

#2. Maintain openness.

A closed mind is increases stress because you have to defend it.

#3. Commit to apologize.

How you respond to wrong decisions is more important than always making right decisions.


Lean on people. The person who goes the farthest gets the most help. Image of a woman standing alone on a long path.

3 Ways to lean on people without being needy

The person who goes the farthest gets the most help.

#1. Know what you don’t do well.

Talent is a beginning. Compensating for the talents you don’t have creates explosive opportunities.

Lean on people. Your response to failure promotes learning or fortifies stupidity. Image of a square peg.

#2. Be confident with humility.

Let others be smart.

When someone makes a suggestion, explore how to implement it. Don’t reject it quickly.

#3. Invite others to lean on you.

If I could go back and change one thing about my journey, I would learn to lean on people.

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Questions that energize people.

12 questions guaranteed to energize people

  1. Who are the bright spots on your team? How are you pouring gas on their fire?
  2. If you think about your activities last week, what are you proud you did?
  3. What are you glad you’re doing these days?
  4. What would you like to do more of?
  5. What are you doing that isn’t working? How might you stop doing what isn’t working?
  6. What did they see in you when they hired you? You are bringing so much more than that.

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