3 Ways to Bring Your Best Self

Phonies aren’t successful. They might appear successful, but fulfillment requires whole heartedness.

Your best self doesn’t wear a mask.

You never get where you want to go when you leave yourself behind.

Your best self doesn't wear a mask. Image of a white mask.

Know yourself to bring your best self:

  1. Notice what energizes you.
  2. Appreciate your greatest contribution to others.
  3. Know your core values by heart.

You’re less than your best when you lose yourself to people pleasing.

Emulate others to become your best self:

Plastic fruit isn’t tasty.

Your true self includes emulating others. We all learn from people we admire. Emulation isn’t imitation when you’re genuine.

Expand life by copying positive behaviors you see in others. For example, I love work because my dad loved work. But my work is different from his. I don’t live on a farm and don’t want to.

You might emulate grit, social skills, or speaking techniques, but do it your way. Find personal expressions of practical skills and effective behaviors.

Choose how you show up before you show up. Image of a person looking across a bridge.

Use a best self exercise:

Research says visualizing your best self has positive impact. Here’s how.

  1. Sit quietly. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind.
  2. Visualize yourself 5 years from now living your best life. You have achieved your personal, professional, and social goals.
  3. Think about the strengths, skills, and qualities you developed to flourish.
  4. Focus on how it feels to be your best self. What emotions are you feeling?
  5. Stay in the moment for a minute or two. Enjoy, don’t judge. Let it sink in.
  6. Open your eyes. Take a few deep breaths.
  7. Get up and get busy.

Do you think you could try this every morning for a week or two?

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