My Wife Fixed Our Toilet Handle with a Paper Clip

My wife fixed our toilet handle with a paper clip. It broke again the next morning, so I lifted the tank lid and pulled the chain. Then I went to the gym. It was fixed again when I returned. There’s something disappointing about a wife that fixes toilets. She loves mowing grass, too.

A man needs a purpose greater than eating, sleeping, and doing his personal business in the bathroom. I redeemed myself in the afternoon. I went to the hardware store and chose a new toilet handle. (There were so many to choose from.)

It was a tough afternoon. I thought about taking a nap. But then I realized she might install the new handle without me. I forced myself to press forward in spite of my fatigue.

The dang bar on the new toilet handle was too long. The instructions said, “Cut it with a hacksaw.” I made the arduous trip to the garage, but the blade was dull. I grew more fatigued. Fortunately, the bar was brass. Brass is brittle. I broke the bar to the proper length and installed it. Then I took a nap.

Leadership lesson from fixing a toilet handle with a paper clip:

  1. Humility. Do menial jobs.
  2. Initiative. Don’t wait for others to do menial jobs.
  3. Creativity. Find a way to fix it.
  4. Persistence. Fix it again.
  5. Attention to detail. Keep looking in the toilet tank until you figure out why it won’t flush.

My leadership lesson:

Marry someone who can fix toilets and mow grass.

What lessons can you derive from fixing a toilet with a paper clip?

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