4 Ways Leaders Instill Vitality and Defeat Uncertainty

Uncertainty is as certain as a sunrise. Vitality is uncommon.

Vitality is energy to thrive in difficulty.

Vitality is energy to thrive during difficulty. Image of dark clouds.

4 Ways leaders instill vitality:

#1. Use uncertainty.

You give power to things you resist. Ignoring uncertainty drains vitality. Every time you knock down uncertainty it gets angry. Whoever said, “What you resist persists,” was right.

Give uncertainty a seat at the table. Use it for good. Practice humility. Arrogance tries to control. Humility is open and curious. Curiosity is vibrant.

Uncertainty is the spotlight that reveals your leadership. Image of stadium lights.

#2. Call out lies.

Emotions make fantasies seem real. Notice the feelings you experience at an action-adventure movie or reading a Stephen King story.

Emotions make lies seem true. When you catastrophize about the future you feel anxious, stressed, and helpless. True feelings authenticate lies.

Uncertainty makes life harder. Life is hard sometimes.

Face lies with reality. You are making it right now even if it feels hard. The only power to change the future is acting now.

#3. Reject optimism.

Admiral Stockdale observed that optimistic POW’s struggled the most. They told themselves they would be rescued by Christmas, but they weren’t. They told themselves they would be home by Easter, but they were still being tortured after Easter.

People who survive acknowledge difficulties and believe they will eventually prevail. You will prevail. Tell your team they will prevail. When you’re certain you can’t prevail, quit.

#4. Care for people.

Uncertainty drains everyone. Fill your tank before it goes dry. Find ways to rest. Long hours are necessary sometimes. Long hours as a lifestyle destroy you.

Take someone for a short walk when you notice frustration, for example. Walk slowly. Listen. Focus on what they can do next. It’s overwhelming to focus on everything.

Redefine success. Regardless of results, success during uncertainty is getting up again and fighting the battle with vitality.

How can leaders instill vitality during times of uncertainty?

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