How to Honor the Law of Vitality

You’re worn out because the escalator is going down and you’re going up. You stumble because you won’t turn around.

Some things don’t work no matter how hard you try.

People often ask how I’m able to write every day.

I’m able to write everyday because I pour more into my life than I pour out. That’s how it is with everyone. Energy from studying, reflecting, writing, coaching, and interviewing fills my tank. It’s selfish in an openhanded way.

The only way to thrive is to live in sync with the law of vitality.

Image of a spout on a can pouring out fuel.

Pour in more than you pour out.


The law of vitality: Pour in more than you pour out.

Like the law of gravity, you can’t negotiate with the law of vitality. All you can do is honor it.

Only fools think you can contribute from an empty tank.

You know you’re violating the law of vitality when you dread doing what you used to love.

Selfish self-care:

If you never pour out, you become the dead sea.

Selfish self-care does more harm than good.

Self-care isn’t an excuse to serve yourself at the expense of others. In my experience serving yourself is exhausting and disappointing.

Self-care isn’t the remedy for lack of responsibility. It’s self-defeating to put off difficult tasks until procrastination sucks the life out of you and then use self-care as an excuse to continue putting things off.

Honoring the law of vitality is essential, not optional.

Young again:

Pouring in makes you feel young again.

Rejuvenation is more than doing nothing. Boredom makes you old and tired.

Do things that restore vitality.

  1. Exercise.
  2. Read.
  3. Sew.
  4. Walk.
  5. Eat fruit.
  6. Connect with friends.
  7. Take think-time.
  8. Add variety.
  9. Express gratitude.
  10. Give generously.

It doesn’t matter what restores your vitality as long as it’s legal, not expensive, readily available, and not harmful to others.

Vitality is a byproduct, but it isn’t an accident.

How might you honor the law of vitality today?

How might leaders revitalize others today?