7 Reasons to Live

I typed, “Reason to live,” in Google and got a text number for the suicide hotline. Maybe you got up like a zombie, but you need a reason to live.

Nihilists believe a reason to live is an illusion.

7 reasons to live:

#1. Stoics choose to live in accordance with their nature and cultivate inner virtue and tranquility.

The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius are still read today. I currently use the Hays translation. “The Daily Stoic,” by Ryan Holiday has over 29,000 positive ratings on Amazon.

#2. Hindus seek moksha, to end the cycle of reincarnation and become one with Brahman.

Hindus practice meditation, silent prayers, yoga, recitation of scriptures from Bhagavad Gita.

#3. Buddhist’s seek to attain enlightenment (nirvana) by eliminating suffering and ending the cycle of reincarnation through the practices of the Noble Eightfold Path.

The popularity of mindfulness reflects the Buddha’s teachings.

#4. Humanists argue that individuals find meaning and purpose by pursuing personal fulfillment, contributing to the well-being of others, and striving for human progress and flourishing.

#5. Existentialists believe individuals create their own purpose in life through their choices and actions.

The meaning of life is to give life meaning.

#6. Nihilists believe a reason to live is an illusion.

Nietzsche loosely fits into Nihilism. But his reason to get up was to prove there was no reason to live.

#7. Christians believe our purpose is to personally receive God’s love and creatively share it with others.

Although Christians often embarrass me and I’m sure I embarrass some of them, #7 is my reason to get up in the morning.

4 questions to ask when choosing a reason to live:

  1. Is it bigger than yourself?
  2. Does it focus outside of yourself?
  3. Does it begin before yourself?
  4. Is it good for all of life?

People have been choosing a reason to live since the beginning of history. What’s yours?