Live by Aspirations: Stop Using Genetic Wiring as an Excuse

Personality assessments are fun because we are fascinated with ourselves.

Don’t coddle yourself with your Myers-Briggs assessment, or any other. Your genetic inclinations are a platform, not an excuse for self-affirming apathy or incompetence.

Genetic wiring is a platform, not a cap on potential. Don’t cower behind, “I’m not wired that way.” If you aren’t good at leading, learn to lead.

Extroverts learn to listen.

Introverts learn to give presentations.

Tender hearts learn to have tough conversations.

Genetic wiring is a starting point, not a cap on potential. Image of two people in the starting position.

A lens not a limit:

Self-understanding is essential and energizing. My most natural tendencies are creativity, teamwork, honesty, love of learning, and leadership according to the VIA Character Strengths Assessment. It also indicates I’m not inclined toward forgiveness, humility, and self-regulation. (I usually think assessments are wrong when they identify my weaknesses.)

Lack of humility is obviously a hindrance. But creativity and love of learning hinder me too. I spend too much time improving decisions. Sometimes I need to stop improving and get busy doing it.

Live by aspirations:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator categorizes individuals into one of 16 personality types based on preferences for four dichotomies: extraversion/introversion, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling, and judging/perceiving.

Perhaps MBTI indicates you’re an introvert. You hate talking in front of groups. So what!

Genetic wiring is a platform, not a limit.

How does this opportunity give expression to your aspirational self? Image of a squirrel

Live by your aspirations.

If you aspire to lead teams, use your genetic wiring as a lens.
The best leaders live beyond their wiring. Introverts learn to practice extrovertish skills. Thinkers learn how to get things done and Doers learn to develop relationships.

Develop skills that express your aspirations. Don’t hide behind your genetic wiring. Learn to lead from the genetic platform you were given. Genetic wiring isn’t an excuse for apathy.

Live by aspirations not limitations.

How do you know when to challenge yourself?