21 Things Leaders Don’t Need to Do

Leadership is challenging enough. Don’t make yourself miserable by doing things you don’t need to do.

Every morning you’re consumed by a to-do list. Today is a good day to remember some things you don’t need to do.

Pressure goes up and satisfaction goes down when leaders do what they don't need to do. Image of a leadership quote with a smiley face.

21 things leaders don’t need to do:

  1. Fix everything.
  2. Be right all the time.
  3. Lead all the meetings.
  4. Be involved in everything.
  5. Make all the decisions.
  6. Stand up front.
  7. Pretend to know when they don’t.
  8. Talk first, most, and longest.
  9. Cling to authority.
  10. Protect their image.
  11. Feel superior to others.
  12. Answer all the questions.
  13. Take the credit.
  14. Have title or position.
  15. Avoid feedback.
  16. Micromanage.
  17. Blame.
  18. Hoard information.
  19. Ignore the needs and opinions of others.
  20. Push people.
  21. Always stick to the plan.

Pressure goes up and satisfaction goes down when leaders do what they don’t need to do.

What’s on your list of things to avoid doing today? Scroll down and tell me what you think.

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