5 Self-Limiting Beliefs that Defeat Leaders

Self-limiting beliefs hide your beauty.

You work against yourself when you cling to self-limiting beliefs. I’m not saying if you can believe it, you can achieve it. That’s a ridiculous lie.

Beliefs are the difference between grit and giving up.

Assumptions about yourself determine your future. When you believe you can learn and grow you find courage to try. When you believe you can’t control your own life you play victim.

Self-limiting beliefs beat you down.

Self-limiting beliefs hide your beauty. Image of a swan hiding it's head.

5 self-limiting beliefs that defeat leaders:

#1. I’m not smart enough.

Intellectual insecurity manifests as envy. You can’t enjoy smart people because they remind you that you’re dumb. If not envy, you underestimate yourself, aim low, and avoid challenges.

#2. I’m too old/young.

Limiting beliefs rule you out. You don’t belong. False assumptions end with regret.

You live in the house assumptions built.

#3. I’m afraid I will fail.

Of course you will fail. The only way to always succeed is to aim low.

#4. I’m afraid of what people think.

Other people drive your life when peer pressure grips you. The higher people rise in organizations the more this self-limiting belief drives behavior. Corporate leaders most fear the disapproval of people in power.

#5. I’m afraid people won’t like me.

You withdraw when you fear people don’t like you. If you don’t withdraw you feel insulted at innocent remarks or you go on attack defending yourself.

Fearing people don’t like you ends in loneliness.

Image of a flamingo holding its head high.

5 steps forward:

  1. Notice beliefs that limit you. We wrestle demons we don’t see. They make fools of us.
  2. Talk about limiting beliefs with trusted friends.
  3. Step forward anyway. Do hard stuff. Prove yourself to yourself.
  4. Seek support. The people who go the furthest are the ones who get the most help. Every top athlete has a coach, for example.
  5. Let yourself be happy. Enjoy stuff.

What self-limiting beliefs do you see in yourself? In others?

How are you dealing with self-limiting beliefs?

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