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No One Claps When You Go to the Bathroom By Yourself

Parents go nuts when toddlers learn to use the potty. Twenty years later, no one claps when you go to the bathroom by yourself.  Gratitude looks for extraordinary and goes blind to the ordinary.… Continue reading

Nearly 40% Never Give Positive Reinforcement

For many, it’s easier to talk about what sucks than what’s great. There’s a negative voice in our heads. Personally, you can’t speak well of yourself. Why? Humble leaders don’t brag. They talk about… Continue reading

How Doers Learn to Speak Dreamese

Dreamers drive doers crazy. “Why don’t you talk less and do more?” Fear of being saddled with futile work causes doers to resist spontaneous dreamers.    Constant disagreement leads to disdain. Words like ‘never’… Continue reading

How to Make Good Judgements and Not be Judgmental

Good judgement expands the future, but being judgmental: Wrecks relationships. Diminishes talent. De-motivates teammates. Disengages employees. The difference between good judgement and being judgmental is assumption. #1. Judgmental leaders make decisions based on negative… Continue reading

Sick of Being a “Yes-But” Leader

I immediately thought of something that didn’t go perfectly, when a leader on my team joyfully said, “Today was as good as it gets.” He was thinking operationally. While he talked, I thought… Continue reading

What Gratitude Really Means

It doesn’t matter how much you accomplish in the world, there’s a voice in your head that wonders if you might matter more. Successful leaders overcome their inner accuser, even if it isn’t silenced.… Continue reading