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When the Problem Isn’t the Problem

Big problems are the result of neglecting small ones. “How often have we learned the harsh lesson that, like unharvested fruit, untended problems turn rotten?” Jim Moorhead, The Instant Survivor. Delay: Delay, not… Continue reading

Books “Freaks” are Currently Reading

Freak followers on facebook responded to “I’m currently reading ________” with this list of books: Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen EntreLeadership, by Dave Ramsey The 4-hour Workweek The Permanent Revolution, by Alan Hirsch The… Continue reading

Your Hero’s Story Uncovered

The stages of your leadership journey are predictable even if life isn’t. ***** “The hero’s journey has three parts: departure, initiation, and return.” Sandra Emma Shelley, Insideout Enneagram by Wendy Appel. Part one… Continue reading

Excitable, Emotional, or Passionate

According to the input from my facebook page, being “unexcitable” isn’t the most admired leadership quality. John Bell suggests, when excitable equals passionate, we admire Jack Welch, Steve Jobs, and Howard Shultz. All… Continue reading

How to Move Through Uncertainty to Opportunity

Image source Ineffective leaders require certainty before they act, I am certain. On the other hand, successful leaders make decisions where outcomes are uncertain. Turbulent times, regulations and compliance, technology, politics, people, and… Continue reading

Amy Lyman Kicked My Assumptions

***** Marshall McLuhan said, “Most of our assumptions have outlived their uselessness.” Author, Amy Lyman showed me one of mine. Our assumptions expose us: Beliefs about, the world, ourselves, and others form assumptions.… Continue reading