Whining Wednesday – Share Your Complaints!

What are your favorite complaints? Go ahead and let loose.

Feel free to type ‘anonymous’ where you put your name when leaving comments.

20 common complaints:

  1. Self-centered uncaring bosses. 
  2. Weather.
  3. Politicians.
  4. Pay.
  5. Customers.
  6. Unjust rules and regulations.
  7. Slow or no Internet connection.
  8. No cell phone reception.
  9. Emotional women.
  10. Uncaring men.
  11. Telemarketing calls.
  12. False advertising. The sign says 30% off but it’s only for one item on the shelf!
  13. Pushy people.
  14. Difficulty in returning items you purchased.
  15. Deceptive hiring practices. A job interview is a conversation between two liars.
  16. Potholes in roads.
  17. Shoddy workmanship.
  18. Lack of follow through.
  19. Being lied to.
  20. Poorly prepared food.

My favorite complaint is complaining about complainers.

6 challenges:

I feel like I have to leave a challenge. I can’t just let complaining stand on its own.

  1. The difference between a leader and a complainer is resolve to do something about the complaint.
  2. The trouble with complaining is we see it in others but not in ourselves. I just walked out of a meeting where one team member realized he complained as much as the people he complains about.
  3. Complaining about people divides teams. When you voice complaints about team members, others have to choose sides. Will they agree with you or will they side with the person being complained about?
  4. Complaining about performance enables people to improve, if the conversation turns from the past to the future. Complainers are stuck in the past. Leaders turn toward the future.
  5. Turn your complaints into positive action or keep your mouth shut.
  6. The more you complain, the more you want to complain.

Pointing out fault, failure, and defect are essential aspects of leadership. The trouble is some do it like it’s an Olympic sport.


  • Who complains more – men or women?
  • How do men’s complaints differ from women’s complaints?
  • What are some of your favorite complaints?