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Tapping the Secret Power of Leadership

How can leaders powerfully drive home essential principles and values without seeming pedantic? I’ve had teams leave meetings early to participate in community service. Yes, six people left 30 minutes early to go… Continue reading

Moving Toward the Truth

Dishonest leaders lie to cover up, manipulate, and protect their image. Deceptive strategies range from false humility – the subtlest form of arrogance – to telling people what they want to hear. All deceptions… Continue reading

I’ve Been Knocked Down, Now What

Jack Dempsey on one knee. (From Washington Post) ***** The ability to get up after being knocked down is the most important ability in life. ***** Alison asked, “After being knocked down it… Continue reading

Finding Courage

The past is the future, apart from courageous leadership. Doing hard things takes courage; letting go takes most of all. Someone moves first, that’s you. Leaders move toward “not yet” while letting go… Continue reading

How to Quickly Overcome Inexperience

10 dangers of inexperienced leaders: Needing to be liked. Blaming. Emotional decisions. Impulsiveness. Trying too hard. Neglecting the long term. Focusing on symptoms rather than causes. Aiming without pulling the trigger. Meddling. Forget… Continue reading

How to Be Competent at Being Incompetent

Guess what insecure leaders do when one of their weaknesses comes to light? They immediate explain why it isn’t a weakness and how it’s not that bad. I see it all the time.… Continue reading