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10 Surprising Job Interview Questions that Identify the Right People

A job interview is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. Paraphrased from Forest Gump. Reality is more important than aspiration when it comes to job interviews.… Continue reading

Farther, Faster, and Far Less Drama

Book Giveaway!! 20 copies available!! Leave a comment on this guest post by Janice Fraser and Jason Fraser to become eligible for one of 20 complimentary copies of their new book, Farther, Faster, and… Continue reading

5 “Dangers” of Psychological Safety

I married my high school sweetheart. Neither of us had any idea what we were getting into. It’s been delightful until this afternoon. My bride came to my office to let me know… Continue reading

Disappointment – Navigating a Delightful Past

Sweet memories marred by bitter realities are ice cream cones sprinkled with dead flies. 10 years ago, your team pulled you forward. Today you’re teaching fish to climb trees. Yesterday pouring into others… Continue reading

Meetings – Proctologists – and Shock Collars

Meetings are like working out, best when you’re done. Meetings are like Sunday-night insomnia. The dread that you’ll be exhausted Monday keeps you awake. Good meetings are useful but still feel like the… Continue reading

Could Artificial Intelligence Launch Missiles – I Asked ChatGPT

I asked the following question to ChatGPT, “What is dangerous about the development of artificial intelligence?” Even artificial intelligence thinks AI is dangerous. 5 Dangers of Artificial Intelligence according to ChatGPT: Specific dangers… Continue reading