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Dear Dan: What Questions Should I Ask My CEO

Dear Dan, I have a new position within our company. Now I report directly to the CEO. What questions should I ask during our first meeting? Sincerely, Bob Dear Bob, Congratulations on earning… Continue reading

Curiosity: 5 Powerful Questions You Can Ask Today

The opposite of curiosity is apathy. You don’t need to be smart to be curious, but asking questions makes you smart.

Here are 5 powerful questions you can ask today.


It’s natural to obsess over one bad thing and forget many good things.
Life is better than it seems for negative people.
How to escape the small box that negative thoughts creates.

The #1 Self-Defeating Behavior That Brings Leaders Down

The faster you stop holding yourself back the more your life will matter to others.

Other people aren’t your biggest challenge. You are.

See if you do some of the self-defeating behaviors I’ve held dear.

A Simple Approach to Relationship Building

Relationship building feels like a pain in the butt when your schedule is packed with deadlines. But a healthy relationship makes life better. A simple approach to relationship building: #1. Begin with basic… Continue reading

Let Yourself Be Happy

Aristotle believed in two kinds of happiness. Hedonic happiness is derived from pleasure. The second kind of happiness is eudaimonia. This comes from pursuing virtue and meaning. Let yourself be happy: Are challenges… Continue reading