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3 Signs You’re Offering Destructive Support

Leaders are learning about emotional well-being at work. Support is an essential aspect of leading today.

There is a danger, however. Some support is destructive. Today, I’m offering you an opportunity to reflect on your support efforts.

The goal of support is enabling. It’s helpful to spot the signs of destructive support.

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Leadership is Stewardship

A friend and client asked me what I’ve learned about stewardship. It’s the first time I’ve been asked. I wish there was more interest in stewardship because leaders are stewards.

I shifted the language from learned to learning when I texted back. People who think they’ve learned something haven’t. The best we can say is we’re learning and relearning.

Here are 5 ways to practices stewardship in leadership today.

Tap the Power of Short Series

A series takes you somewhere.

A small sequence of compromises makes the next compromise easier. A small chain of tough decisions makes tough decisions easier.

Here’s how to tap the power of a short series to achieve your aspirations.

Set Relationship Goals When Employee Retention Matters

I had a conversation with a high performing leader who is great at setting goals for results. But it’s time to set goals for relationships.

How can you make it delightful to work with you, even in high stress environments?

My Problem: A Bag of Left-Footed Socks

What to do when you buy a bag of left-footed ASICS running socks? My problem made me think of a great experience with YASSO.

Do you really have a problem?

When You Feel Overwhelmed Do Less Better

I woke up today at 2:00 a.m. thinking about being overwhelmed. I remembered Marcus Aurelius, the great Stoic philosopher said, “If you feel overwhelmed, do less.”