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Momentum: What it is and 5 Ways to Get It

Negative momentum punches you in the gut every step of the way. But, positive momentum makes everything easier. It is never the size of your problem that is the problem. It’s a lack… Continue reading

Solving the Pathetic Meeting Problem

Orderly leadership meetings are pathetic and useless. Head-nodding sessions are exercises in futility that waste resources, talent, and time. Cancel them and do something productive. The spirit of agreement permeates pointless leadership meetings.… Continue reading

Six Ways to Deal with Messy People

The easiest, short-term leadership strategy is avoiding people. Just hide in your office doing paperwork. Connecting with people is messy. Hidden baggage bubbles just under the skin. Emotions erupt. Priorities shift. Personal lives… Continue reading

10 Secrets to Moving Forward While Falling Short

Image source Those who can’t fall short can’t move forward. The pursuit of excellence requires imperfection. Steps toward excellence are always inadequate. The nature of moving forward is you’re always falling short. Excellence… Continue reading

How to Break Destructive Patterns

Those who can’t or won’t see patterns are doomed to repeat the past. Ignore patterns and yesterday’s decisions become tomorrow’s destiny. Patterns, not problems, will ruin your business. Dr. Henry Cloud Pattern recognition… Continue reading

Isolated Leadership: Dangers and Solutions

Isolated leaders inevitably run down, grow ineffective, and become irrelevant. Closed systems die slow deaths. Don’t wait for the energy fairy. She ain’t coming. What happens when you place a frog in water… Continue reading