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Everyone Sees the Pimple First

Blemishes captivate just like the negative past. The dark past draws you backward into futile conversations that solidify rather than solve. Complaints always focus on the past. Problems pull backward. But, solutions draw… Continue reading

Forget Thriving Just Survive

It’s unrealistic and foolish to think you’ll always thrive. Sometimes just making it is enough. Dennis N. T. Perkins, author of, “Leading at the Edge,” did a lot of things well until Plebe… Continue reading

When Working Hard isn’t Working

It doesn’t matter how hard you work if you’re working on the wrong things. Managers, leaders, and business owners are the hardest working people I know. Working in your business is necessary but… Continue reading

Build the Plane While it’s in the Air

If you don’t have something worth talking about, talking and listening are a waste of time. Communication skills are irrelevant apart from meaningful outcomes. Define the future first, then determine and develop the skills… Continue reading

No One Ever Told Me …

Image by David Thyberg ***** You’ll never succeed until people listen to you. Leadership is challenging because most people aren’t good listeners – leadership requires listeners. Earnest Hemingway said, “Most people never listen.” If they… Continue reading

Seeing the Way You’re Seen

If perception is reality, pay attention to perceptions. It’s frustrating that hands-off leaders may be perceived as distant rather than making space for others to shine. The way you see you and the… Continue reading