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Learning from Joe Paterno’s Leadership Failure

Coach Joe Paterno was laid to rest this week. He’s clearly loved. 10,000 tickets were reserved for his memorial service in seven minutes. His accomplishments on behalf of Penn State, college football, and his… Continue reading

Creating a Mistake-making Policy

***** Integrity isn’t perfection, its better. During a hospital stay a nurse turned off and neglected to turn on my pneumatic leg pumps. (Devices designed to help prevent blood clots in the legs… Continue reading

Useful Leadership Quotes? – You Decide

Today’s world appreciates brevity. Useful leadership quotes inspire, distill, or direct, quickly. Will you bring your perspective and insights to this set of leadership quotes? Grab one or more and expand, correct, or modify… Continue reading

Letting People Go with Transparency and Dignity

Never make enemies of people you “let go,” if you can help it. “Every person who leaves goes on to represent your company. They can bad-mouth or praise.” Jack Welch One wise business… Continue reading

How to Speak Like the Pros

***** Leading is more difficult if you can’t speak well. Speaking ability enhances leadership potential. Public platforms provide opportunities to shape, direct, and motivate organizations. Be as smart as this student: Holly said… Continue reading

How to Stop Rowing in Circles till You Sink

***** Fitting in is the path to regret. Leaders don’t fit in they stand out. Bureaucrats fit in. Standing out is dangerous in some organizational cultures; you’ll get beat down till you conform. Conformity is… Continue reading