Finding the Courage for “Wow”

“The truth is, mediocrity is natural. You don’t have to do anything to drift there. It just happens.” Michael Hyatt.

6 ways to find the courage you need to make “wow” happen:

  1. Take a stand for greatness. You must resolve in your heart that you will not sell out or settle. This isn’t necessary for every project, of course.
  2. Connect with the original vision. … Close your eyes and once again become present to what you are trying to create.
  3. Remind yourself what is at stake. Ask, “Why is this important?”
  4. Listen to your heart. Most of us have spent a lifetime ignoring – or even suppressing – our intuition. I believe intuition is the map to buried treasure. It is not infallible, but neither is our reason.
  5. Speak up. This is the crucial step. Give voice to your heart. If you don’t, who will?
  6. Be stubborn. This is perhaps the toughest part of all. We don’t want to be “high maintenance” or unreasonable. Aren’t the people you most respect also the ones who demanded the most from you?

This list is an excerpt from, Platform, Hyatt’s new book on how to get noticed in a noisy world.

During my conversation with Michael we discussed the path to personal excellence:

  1. Commit to excellence.
  2. Identify things that matter most.
  3. Prioritize what matters. Not everything has to be done with excellence.
  4. Have integrity.
  5. Set high standards. Never let anyone else set the bar higher than you.
  6. Don’t let excellence become an excuse for procrastination.

Number six strikes at the reason many never achieve excellence. Don’t look for excellence in one giant leap; take steps. Once you’ve done the first five steps toward personal excellence, hoist your sails; those who delay inevitably flounder.

What does the path to excellence look like?

What suggestions can you offer?

Michael Hyatt just released his new book, “Platform.” It’s must reading for anyone with something to say or sell. It’s the most practical book on Social Media I’ve read.