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10 Power-Tips that Build Potential

You aren’t the future. The passion, potential, and skills of your team are the future of your organization. Vision cast until the cows come home but others make it happen. Organizations don’t rise… Continue reading

A CEO of Campbell’s Explains the Power of “AND”

Image source Leadership principles that work the best change us the most. Trouble is leadership is situational. That’s why many principles work in one context but not another. I ask Doug Conant, retired… Continue reading

A Campbell’s Soup CEO on Office Politics

Office politicians make themselves look good while making others look bad. “Create environments where people believe they will be honored,” Doug Conant. I recall a meeting where an office politician made a member… Continue reading

Are you honoring the wrong things?

Some think giving too much praise makes people lazy and indulgent. They’ll settle into the notion your organization is lucky to have them. Choose praise points carefully. Praise creates culture. You get what… Continue reading

The Key that Unlocks Leadership

I’m consumed with power-packed brevity. Five words are better than thirteen. That sentence originally read, “If I can say something in five words rather than seven I’m excited.” Brevity by itself is meaningless,… Continue reading

Build your Life and Leadership Through Listening

I’m a listener that used listening to control people. If I ask the questions, I’m controlling the conversation. If I’m controlling the conversation, I’m controlling you. Does that make you uncomfortable? It should.… Continue reading