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The Four Greatest Causes of Leadership-Stress

Stress keeps people up at night and makes them irritable during the day. Stress makes people tired, sad, and disinterested.  Stress results in poor eating habits. Stress kills. Not all stress, however, is… Continue reading

A Surprising Secret of Forward Movement

Problem solving, opportunities and forward movement are about options. Life feels good when it presents options. We feel trapped, on the other hand, without options. Options liberate but not always. The down side… Continue reading

Impatience took him to the Top

Denny Strigl, former president and CEO of Verizon Wireless told me the quality that served him best in his career was impatience; the inability to tolerate delay, restlessness. I never liked waiting for… Continue reading

In Praise of Doing

I used to excuse my lack of doing with the comfort that I wanted to do something. Passionate sincere wanting without performance is, however, cheap, easy, and self-deluding. Wanting to do something doesn’t… Continue reading

How to choose your leadership-identity

I’m soon to be a grandfather for the fourth time. The first three grandchildren called me Poppi but that’s been shortened to pop. I’ve intentionally chosen my Pop identity. I’m the wacky, fun… Continue reading

Being Negative Creates Positive Value

Image source The depth of the problem determines the value of the solution. Your great ideas always face frivolous dismissal if they don’t solve a painful problem or a felt need. Don’t begin… Continue reading