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Dear Dan: Should I Force the Foot-Dragger to Attend

Dear Dan, I’d like to start a new process with my team where we meet once a month to share projects, accomplishment, challenges, etc. The goal of the monthly meeting is to sustain… Continue reading

The Committee to Eliminate Committees (CTEC)

A camel is a horse designed by a committee. Camels are awesome but they’re a poor substitute for horses. A horse designed by a committee solves too many problems. A sarcastic suggestion: Establish… Continue reading

Dear Dan: How Do I Get My Team to Participate in Meetings

Dear Dan, How do I get my team to participate in meetings so that I am not the only one talking. Sincerely, Looking for participation Dear Looking, Each member on a high performance… Continue reading

7 Ways to Make All Teams Smarter

Teams, like individuals, can be smart or stupid.* Three factors impact team intelligence: Social sensitivity. Be aware of emotion. Bring it up when someone seems detached, disturbed, excited, or curious. “Barney, this idea… Continue reading

How to Love Your Next Meeting in 5 Easy Steps

Meetings are like the ugly duckling in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale. They are easy to hate and hard to love. Few see the underlying beauty that awaits. We hate meetings, because frequently… Continue reading

How to Show Up Like a Leader Today

Some leaders work too hard while the people around them don’t work hard enough.  You’ll burn out if you’re always the first person to arrive and the last person to leave. Leaders create… Continue reading