5 Simple Ways to Improve Meetings

Meetings are dead ends when talking creates the illusion of action.

Meetings are dead ends when talking creates the illusion of action. Image of light swirls in the air.

5 simple ways to improve meetings:

#1. Determine purpose.

Cancel the meeting when you don’t know why you’re meeting.

Discussions waste time. When the purpose of a meeting is discussing something, cancel it. Show up to create three options to address an issue, but don’t show up to discuss something.

Ask, “Why are we here?” at your next team meeting. After you hear a few responses ask, “Why are we really here?” Listen for words that connect with mission, vision, and values.

Write a purpose statement for your next meeting.

#2. Use a core plan.

Use the same core plan for recurring meetings but add variety.

Predictability provides safety. Surprises increase vitality.

Assign a new leader of the meeting. If you habitually ask about wins at the beginning, ask about frustrations. End the meeting early. Provide snacks. Change location. Invite a customer to video conference in to discuss a success or failure.

#3. Personalize agenda items.

Put someone’s name beside each agenda item.

If you want engagement, engage people. At the end of your meeting put someone’s name beside action items. This person kicks of the topic at the next meeting.

Good meetings save time. Image of a hand holding an alarm clock.

#4. Provide relevant information.

Irrelevant information comes from leaders who talk too much.

During monthly team meetings ask someone to provide three health and wellness tips. If layoffs are an issue, share as much as possible.

#5. Press for action.

Every action item needs a champion – the person who holds primary responsibility. When responsibilities are vague ambiguity blocks action.

What’s the next step? A project may not come to completion this week but if it’s on the agenda clarify the next step. Who’s in charge of the next step? Who will report at your next meeting?

What would improve the meetings you regularly attend?

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