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Six Steps to Energy

Leaders correct too much and affirm too little. Hold monthly affirmation sessions. Here’s how. Invite one key player to an affirmation session for the sole purpose of encouragement. Be prepared. You do this… Continue reading

The Worst Leadership Tragedy

The worst leadership tragedy is *pissing away your potential. Stop insulting your Maker, degrading yourself, and disrespecting the people around you by wasting inborn aptitudes and abilities. Neglect and negativity never achieve results.… Continue reading

13 Power Tips for Leading Through Uncertainty

It’s certain that we live in uncertain times. 13 Power Tips for Leading through Uncertainty: Pull with – not against, higher ups. Grab the rope and pull, even if you disagree. Everyone who… Continue reading

10 Proven Ways to Run Great Meetings

Poorly run meetings are like garbage strewn along the organizational highway. Useful meetings are like the Sumatran Tiger, powerful but nearly extinct. Great organizations have great meetings. 7 reasons meetings suck: They’re too… Continue reading

How to Quickly End Useless Meetings

More lying happens in meetings than any other place in your organization, most are lies of silence. In meetings, silence isn’t consent, its cowardice, self-interest, manipulation, or political expediency. Honesty, more than anything else, transforms meetings. … Continue reading

How Managers Get in the Way

“Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done.” Peter Drucker Four ways managers get in the way: Meddling – Managers that roadblock work stay too… Continue reading