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Seven Ways to Find Extra-Ordinary Connections

Your current relationships reflect your future. Expand your current network of relationships with people who make you uncomfortable. Don’t give a damn: Connect with an outstanding person who doesn’t need you to like them and… Continue reading

In Praise of Incompetent Managers

Imagine you weren’t as competent as you believe. How would you treat your team? The problem is, you can do it “better” yourself. Do-it-yourself managers: Get things done. Want the job done right.… Continue reading

How to Find Your Great Contribution

Every act of service enhances your worth. As time passes, if you’re fortunate, you’ll make meaningful contributions to growing numbers of individuals, organizations, and communities. The more competent you become the more opportunities you… Continue reading

Courage to Take a Different Path

The most frightening thing in life is reaching for what lies deepest in your heart. You won’t get there alone. Mentors ignite courage and fuel progress. This post is based on my conversation… Continue reading

The Top 4 Qualities of Great Mentors

Mentoring ignites boldness by answering doubt with relational learning.   4 qualities of great mentors: #1. Humility: The guide isn’t the star of the show. Fight the urge toward self-importance.  Feeling that you know more… Continue reading

10 Things Young Leaders Need to Succeed

Old leaders, who cling to leadership, limit their legacy. The Success of young leaders is the future of organizations. Act like you’ll be gone next year. Rigor: Call for commitment. The image below… Continue reading