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Lessons in Leading-Up from a Two Year Old

Children develop leading-up skills at an early age. Most of them teach us things we shouldn’t do. Leading-up from a two-year-old’s perspective: Bargaining. “I’ll be good.” A two-year-old uses good performance as a… Continue reading

On Chemistry Sets and Pogo Sticks

This morning I thought of Henry Mintzberg again. About six years ago I asked Henry to share the one piece of advice he most loves to share. He said one word, “Connect.” “Connect”… Continue reading

Dear Dan: I’m Stuck in Survival Mode

Good morning Dan, I liked your post on the mockingbird and the inner voices from the past. I feel like I live in the past too much and don’t spend enough time looking… Continue reading

7 Ways Humility Contributes to Self-Confidence

Formulas for developing confidence are only outstripped by the numbers of people who lack confidence. Think positive thoughts. Dress for success. Fake it till you make it. Smile. Stand with your hands on… Continue reading

It Sounded Smart in Your Head and Dumb When You Said It

Comedians say dumb things intentionally. The rest of us have learned that a ‘foot in the mouth’ leaves a bad taste. The dumb thing you said seemed smart in your head. “If Lincoln… Continue reading

How to Eliminate Mocking Voices and Find Your True Inner Voice

The first voice you hear in your head sounds like you, but it’s probably someone else. Don’t trust it. Mockingbird: There’s a Northern Mockingbird in a nearby tree singing his heart out as… Continue reading