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How to Use Toy Stories to Connect

My fondest childhood memories include toys. I had a boy-doll named Rocky. Later I had a James Bond 007 spy attaché case with secret compartments and a gun that could be assembled into… Continue reading

How to Bring Up Thorny Issues

Normal people choose pleasure over pain. It’s normal to avoid thorny issues. How to bring up thorny issues: 5 reasons people avoid thorny issues: The burden of feeling right creates stress to convince… Continue reading

Two Things You Can Do that Aren’t Stupid

Everyone does stupid things. Thankfully, most of us don’t do stupid things on national television. Last Sunday, Terry Bradshaw did a stupid thing when he joked about Antonio Brown (AB) on national television.… Continue reading

Three Ways to be Ready to Lead

Show up like a kid peeking over the fence. Better to live on your toes than stumble back on your heels. Successful leaders are prepared for action. They show up READY. Three ways… Continue reading

Simple Practices That Will Change Your Life

If you had room to grow and didn’t, you’re a failure – regardless of your achievements. David Shapiro said, “The purpose of life is to grow and give.” Only perfect people don’t need… Continue reading

A Surprising Thing You Can Do for Yourself

Self-centered people are anxious and unhappy. Research shows one source of self-centeredness is loneliness. A lonely person turns inward. Feeling isolated motivates people to focus on their own self-interest. What’s worse? Lonely people… Continue reading