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The Complete List of Strategies that Ignite Growth in Others

Growth answers death, decline, and disappointment. Growth is: Test driving behaviors that feel ‘wrong’. Doing old things in new ways. Letting go. Change. The world changes when you change. Part 1: #1. Speak… Continue reading

How Skillful Leaders Build Doors in Walls

What’s so inviting about seeing weakness in others? Leaders who see strength in others build doors in walls. From part 1: 12 ways to ignite and maximize growth in others #1. Speak directly to the heart.… Continue reading

How to be the Leader who Gets Novices to Step Up

Challenge people to do things they never thought they could do. #1. Relationship: Caring relationship is the environment of growth. Find things to like about the people around you. Don’t let dissatisfaction with… Continue reading

How to Dance with Tough Issues Long Enough to Do Some Real Good

The deadly sin of tough conversations is going halfway. Discomfort causes some leaders to cut them short. Work up enough courage to dance with tough issues long enough to do some real good. Halfway… Continue reading

How to be Authentic Even When You’re Crazy Busy

Unfocused busyness leads to meaningless contribution. You get so busy that you forget who you are and what you’re really trying to accomplish. The secret to meaningful busyness is direction and reflection. Direction:… Continue reading

10 Simple Strategies to Improve Performance Conversations and Change Trajectory

Many teams are afraid to discuss the source of success – performance. 10 reasons performance conversations suck: The dynamic is from superior to inferior, rather than partnership.  One person pulls the rope in… Continue reading