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10 ways to Enhance Charisma

Admiration converts to influence. Charismatic leaders achieve results through presence and personality. People seek the approval of charismatic leaders. They love giving them what they want. Magnetism and influence characterize charismatic leaders. 10… Continue reading

Ten Ways to Say Yes to Saying No

Saying no feels like a door closing. But, those who can’t say no end up over-committed, overwhelmed, and ineffective. Saying no is the first step toward freedom for someone who says yes too much. Yes:… Continue reading

How to Rise Above Gift Exchanges at Work

Obligatory gifts aren’t gifts. Generosity requires freedom.  Gift giving was magic when our children were young. Some years money was tight and we added homemade gifts to store-bought. During prosperous years we over did… Continue reading

The Jerk Quotient for Leaders

Jerks expect respect but don’t extend it. The gap between respect extended and respect expected is the jerk quotient for leaders. Peons earn respect. But, the power chair is enough for jerks. Rude: Jerks… Continue reading

One Choice that Informs All Others

Unable to choose is unable to move. Choices enable movement. Unable to choose is another way of saying stuck. Successful leaders make decisions. Everyone who’s stuck lives with choices waiting to be made.… Continue reading

When Generosity Goes too Far

Ineffective leaders give without expecting return. Generosity motivates indulgence when you don’t expect response. One-way relationships between capable people are sick. Someone needs a favor. Generously meet their request, if you can. Adapt… Continue reading