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Solution Saturday: They’re Paying Him Under the Table

Dear Dan, I have been with a company for over 18 years. I was the “Jack of all trades” for a very long time. I did everything from managing to marketing. I have… Continue reading

Dear Dan: It’s Increasingly Difficult to Keep My Frustration from my Staff

Dear Dan, I just discovered your article entitled, “You Feel Things Your Team Shouldn’t Know About,” and I realized that I probably don’t do as good a job at this as I should.… Continue reading

Dear Dan: I Put Stuff Off and Work All Weekend

Dear Dan, I read and love your blog. Your post on procrastination hit home because I am a procrastinator. My director-level job involves deep-dive creativity, research, writing, deadlines, and teams. I’m good at… Continue reading

Dear Dan: My Boss Says I’m Off-Putting But I Don’t Agree

Dear Dan, I am a female professional working in government (I am not a manager but am in a position of influence and leadership). I have received feedback from my manager that I… Continue reading

Dear Dan: I Manage a Large Facility that’s very Negative

Dear Dan, What’s some advice to give a manager who leads a large facility that’s been very negative for many years? There are many complaints and no teamwork. Sincerely, Dealing with negativity Dear… Continue reading

Dear Dan: How Can I Prepare for a Larger Leadership Role

Dear Dan, I always enjoy your posts. Very insightful content without all the usual self-help fluff. I transitioned to a new career track in the last year where I am now an individual… Continue reading