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Solution Saturday: How to Coach to Build Confidence

Question: One reader asks, “How can I help those I coach have confidence?  First step: The first step toward bright is often into the dark. Do they see their lack of confidence as… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: A Simple Strategy to Take Control of Your Future

Dear Dan, There are few things which look nice in theory but not in the real world, for example, “If you can’t say what you think, you can’t become who you were meant… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Tired of Beating a Dead Horse

Dear Dan, I am frequently frustrated with poor communication and lack of follow up in communication that I initiate with leaders and team members. I offer solutions and offer an open invitation to… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Help! My Leader is a Morale Buster!

Dear Dan, We have a new principal who is a morale buster to say the least, but teachers have also described her as “bully”, sneaky, liar, plays favorites, doesn’t listen, doesn’t care, condescending,… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: High Performers Lumped in with Low Performers

Hi Dan, I’m trying to make the argument that it is bad to admonish a team for performance issues exhibited by a subset of the team.  This was a recent situation at my… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: I’ve been Promoted

Dear Dan, I am a new supervisor. I would appreciate any information from a new supervisor’s point of view. One challenge is trying to continue to be a top performer/go-to person in a… Continue reading