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A Plan Without Energy is a Car Without Gas

I coach a leader who is preoccupied and impatient. He walks past people without noticing them. He’s testy when interactions hint at taking longer than absolutely necessary. He’s working to better connect with… Continue reading

How Teams Win and Individuals Lose

Olympic Cyclist Mara Abbott suffered a heartbreaking loss in Rio last Sunday. With only seconds to go in the race, Abbott fell from Gold to nothing. Like a champion, she was dignified in… Continue reading

2 Proven Behaviors That Make Dumb Teams Smart

Team intelligence, under the right conditions, exceeds the intelligence of individual team members. Many teams are dumber than their individual members. Corporate teams may be the dumbest of all. 5 questions to determine… Continue reading

7 Principles of the Pig

If you have a team of pigs, fall in love with bacon. The people on your team reflect the future of your organization. The future begins with who’s on your team, not where… Continue reading

The Most Unremarkable Thing Leaders Do

The most unremarkable thing leaders do is worry about themselves. Self-worry shrinks life. Fretting – over yourself – makes others into enemies. Self-focused hand-wringing stinks like fear. Lousy leaders worry too much about themselves. Interviews:… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Teammates Hate Each Other!

Warning: I’m violating my self-imposed 300 word limit. At 787 words, this is the longest article I have ever posted on Leadership Freak. Dear Dan: I’m less than a month into a new… Continue reading