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Finding Sanity in an Insanely Busy World

Low impact leaders live frantic, unfocused lives. At the end of the day, they wonder what they accomplished. Busyness isn’t effectiveness. The more frantic you are the less powerful your impact. Three C’s for… Continue reading

10 Ways to Change the Future Today

Those who wait for the future to change repeat the present. The only way to change tomorrow is to change today. The future changes today. “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll… Continue reading

Three Secrets to Heartfelt Engagement

Pressure invites resistance. Demanding conformity hinders engagement. Don’t use authority and pressure to get what  you want. Find out what they want. Explore their hopes and dreams. The more energy spent pressuring and convincing,… Continue reading

Seven Ways to Keep Dreams Alive

She said, “I have a burning passion to live a high impact life.  She began explaining her vision.  It’s exciting.  However, the inevitable “how to make it happen,” fills her with fear and… Continue reading

Ten Secrets to Success Through Adapting

Adapting as you go sounds great until you have to do it. The need to change direction suggests failure or disappointment. Results fell short. Strategies failed. Hard work didn’t work. One of two… Continue reading

Overcoming the Fear of Positives

Short-sighted leaders are stingy with positives and free with negatives. Their talk is constantly dark. They focus on: What’s not working. What you need to improve. What didn’t reach the mark. What could… Continue reading