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The Little Eye and the Big Eye

Leaders who can’t focus, fail. The benefit of focus is the power to disregard. Leaders with focus, like horses with blinders, ignore distractions. Distraction: Distraction makes weak leaders feel powerful. Solving “important” issues… Continue reading

15 Secrets to Overcoming the Dark Side of Dreaming

Lofty dreams have a dark side when they devalue slow, incremental progress. Don’t wait for giant leaps toward noble dreams. Successful leaders bringing dreams to life in the present. Warning: Big dreams don’t… Continue reading

13 Reasons Teams Lose Momentum

Multiply waste by the number of people involved. The capacity of teams to waste time and resources staggers the imagination. It’s one thing to tolerate one person wasting time. But, the amount of… Continue reading

Choose Assets Over Deficits

You see what’s bad before you see what’s good. Kathy Cramer told me our negativity bias invites us to see and respond more intensely to problems than possibilities. Every time I step back… Continue reading

How to Say Yes to New Ideas Without Going Nuts

The trouble with new ideas are the ones that didn’t work. But, organizations that consistently kill new ideas drive nails in their own coffins. The bondage of old ideas is they worked, once. The issue… Continue reading

10 Ways to Build Powerful Legacy Now

Legacy is about life not death. Legacy isn’t tomorrow. Legacy is now. How people think of you now is how people will think of you then. Today’s footprint is tomorrow’s legacy. Everyone leaves… Continue reading