Work Backwards to Fulfill Dreams

A dream without expression is a liability. If you can’t grasp a bit of your dream today, it’s a nagging inconvenience.

Big dreams that diminish the value of imperfect progress are burdens.

dreams without expression are liabilities.png

Dreaming won’t make dreams come true.

7 ways to reach for big dreams:

#1. Distill your dream into the solution you offer. Noble dreams are about people, not buildings and bank accounts. How will you serve people today?

The dream you dream answers your own struggle.

#2. Focus on making a difference now, not changing the world later. Offer small imperfect solutions to the problem that drives your dream now.

Reach for a dream that enlarges your heart, guides decisions, and serve others.

#3. Transpose goals to attitudes, behaviors, and skills. Suppose you aspire to lead a global corporation. Think more about the attitudes, behaviors, and skills of leaders and less about position. Become like the person who achieves your dream.

#4. Dreams by their nature are out of reach. Work backwards from unreachable to reachable. Suppose you aspire to high political office. Become president of a community organization. Make a difference in your region or state. Serve where you can. Seize opportunities now. Waiting destroys dreams.

#5. Believe in the power of small. Big dreams laugh at small beginnings. The sinister whisper of big dreams makes passive hearts shrivel.

#6. Reflect on your journey with coaches and mentors. A dream you can reach on your own is too small. Don’t make choices based on feedback from haters and degraders.

#7. Be grateful for progress. Don’t declare victory too soon. Nurture dissatisfaction. Keep asking what’s next.

 Live your dream in imperfect ways today. Dreams without action drag you down.

How might leaders reach for dreams?