33 Ways to Tell if You’re a Jackass


You’re a jackass if:

  1. People who think you’re a jackass are always wrong.
  2. Holding back negatives makes you a nice person.
  3. Having the last word is normal for you.
  4. Making others squirm keeps them on their toes.
  5. You know more than most.
  6. Others are jealous because you’re “all that.”
  7. Pointing out faults and problems comes before celebrating successes and strengths.
  8. It’s their fault you ticked them off.
  9. Status really matters.
  10. Time pressure excuses rudeness.
  11. Your voice is louder than others.
  12. The world is full of jerks. You’re projecting yourself on the world.
  13. Trust is something weak leaders do.
  14. Teammates are competitors not colleagues.
  15. Others lose when you win.
  16. You don’t care when people are upset with you. After all, you can’t please everyone.
  17. Talking is more powerful than listening.
  18. Jealousy is your response to a colleague’s success.
  19. You quickly write others off.
  20. The stories you tell focus on your vacation or last exploit.
  21. Enemies outnumber friends.
  22. Anger is a useful motivation tool.
  23. Taking credit for your team’s success is the privilege of leadership.
  24. Failure is the other guys fault. You aren’t responsible.
  25. You interrupt.
  26. Brownnosing the boss is the way to get ahead.
  27. Sarcastic humor is your default humor.
  28. Your team is the best team. All other teams are second rate.
  29. People are guarded around you.
  30. You enjoy proving you’re right and others are wrong.
  31. You always have an excuse or justification.
  32. People leave when you arrive.
  33. Texting during conversations is acceptable.

Bonus: You’re a jackass if you didn’t see yourself somewhere on this list.

Double bonus material: “Where I see myself on the jackass list” (2:53)

Check out the great list of leadership J’s on the Leadership Freak Facebook Page. While you’re there, add leadership K’s for tomorrow’s post.

What items can you add to the jackass list?

Where are you on the jackass list?

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