If it’s broke DON’T fix it

You may spiral into frustration and irrelevance if you try to fix stagnated teams or committees. Leaders are passionate fixers that love enhancing organizational efficiency and effectiveness. A well-oiled, productive team is a… Continue reading

Just out of reach

Many barely make it through the day. They’re dominated by the tyranny of the urgent, exhausted and frustrated. You may need something just out of reach for inspiration. Not another goal or problem… Continue reading

iLeadership by Jay Elliot

“The Steve Jobs Way: iLeadership for a New Generation,” is several books in one. It’s the personal story of staggering success, painful failure, persistent struggle and white hot passion. Sometimes it reads like… Continue reading

Refocus on People

Focusing on projects motivates leaders to pressure people to work harder, faster, and smarter. Enhance productivity by addressing human need. Speaking into needs: People need security. Insecure people expend energy searching for security. Insecurity creates… Continue reading

How was Jay Elliot changed by Steve Jobs?

A conversation with Jay Elliot, the former Sr. V.P. at Apple, must eventually swing to the enigmatic Steve Jobs. I didn’t ask about Steve. Jay just began talking. He spoke as if his… Continue reading

A Sliver of Light

Things that don’t make sense have more potential than things that do. Things that make sense confirm, stabilize, or enhance things you already know. Things that don’t make sense are slivers of light… Continue reading