2.5 minutes that changed my day – Community update

On March 10, 2010 I posted, “2.5 minutes that changed my day.”  It generated some interesting conversation about the value of getting up and moving around in the office. Roger advocated for the… Continue reading

Simple wisdom in 55 words

Anyone can obscure the simple, complicate the clear, and forget the essential. Simple, clear, essential wisdom:  Focus on serving people. * Reject distractions.  Serve people. Stop the irrelevant.  Serve people. Eliminate structures.  Serve… Continue reading

*Purposeful abandonment

Not long ago, in frustration, a friend of mine quit his job.  He didn’t have another job lined up.  He just quit.  A few days later he embarked on a related career path… Continue reading

2.5 minutes that changed my day

In “Kill your Chair,” Alexander Kjerulf’s suggests people sitting at desks should get up and move around every 30 minutes.  That’s mind blowing to me so I decided to take his advice. I… Continue reading

4 Ways to Spot Backstabbers Before it’s Too Late

Vinod’s comment on the Leadership Freak blog, “Sweet Backstabbers,” set my mind a buzz.  He said, “How to identify such people (backstabbers) at the earliest to avoid excessive bleeding.”  Great comment. Here’s the challenge. … Continue reading

Your greatest strength is your weakness

I’m a talker who married a quiet person.  I bet that’s no surprise.  Over the years I’ve learned that my strength is my weakness.  I talk too much.  I’ve learned that I don’t… Continue reading