How to Make Passion Convincing

Vision creates emotional passion. Passion, on the other hand, doesn’t create vision. Expressing emotional passion with those who don’t share your vision creates skeptics not followers. Emotional passion won’t get people on board: I… Continue reading

When it’s Better to Receive than Give

I know one of our region’s most gifted relationship builders, everyone knows him. I remember the day he taught me a valuable lesson. Build connections by letting people do things for you. I… Continue reading

The Silent Language of Leadership

We don’t use the term lie when it comes to lying to the boss but that’s what it is. We tell her what she wants to hear. After all, powerful bosses greatly impact… Continue reading

Great Leaders Are Great Haters

Maybe hate isn’t such a bad thing, after all. I believe love is stronger than hate. However, hate and love are dynamically connected. Tuesday’s conversation with Claire Diaz-Ortize, Twitter’s Head of Social Innovation… Continue reading

Standing Out Means You Don’t Fit

The dark side of passion is frustration, even anger. Zeal includes being for and against. Greater fervency for something fuels greater fervency against its opposite. I asked Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Head of Corporate Social… Continue reading

10 Tests to Know it’s Time to Take Charge

One dimensional leaders fit into one dimensional organizations. Do one dimensional organizations actually exist? Complexity and diversity call for more than one leadership style. You may be a coaching-style leader but coaching doesn’t always… Continue reading