The letter “C” for leaders – Constraint

This is the third installment in the Alphabet for Leaders. Today it’s the letter “C.” You constrain your organization. The Theory of Constraints (TOC) is the idea that any manageable system is limited… Continue reading

The best “B” word for leaders – Better

This is the second installment in the Alphabet for Leaders. Today it’s the letter “B.” ***** Don’t brag about talents, aptitudes, abilities, education, achievements, or business relationships. Tell me this one thing about… Continue reading

Three A’s that energize others

Everyone thinks about themselves. However, noble leaders think about themselves in unique ways. They think about living in ways that take others further. Even though you’re thinking about yourself and your own behavior… Continue reading

Selected Comments 06/13/2010 to 06/18/2010

What follows are selected comments Leadership readers left since Monday 06/13. Warning: this post exceeds the normal 300 word limit. ***** Ian Sanders On Leadership – 06/13 Sam: Good leaders are servant leaders. Ajay:… Continue reading

Six ways to make teams work

The term team has been in vogue for some time. However, few companies leverage the dynamic power of teams. Here are six suggestions that help transform a group of individuals into a team.… Continue reading

Juggle: Rethink Work-Reclaim Your Life

I read Ian Sanders’ book, “Juggle-Rethink Work Reclaim your Life,” on a flight from Philadelphia to Denver. Previous to Ian’s book, I’d been reading about work-life balance. With that in mind, consider the… Continue reading