Six ways to build the right image

Chances are people see you differently than you see yourself.  For example, it’s likely your anger is bigger to others than it is to you. The problem is perception is reality, at least in… Continue reading

The most powerful question of all

Questions are powerful. Good questions connect and transform. We use questions to gather information, guide conversations, open another’s mind, even open our own mind. Questions make statements and reveal assumptions. “Were you present… Continue reading

The Power of Pattern Recognition

I’m delighted to have John Spence, author of the highly recommended book, “Awesomely Simple,” back on Leadership Freak. His comments on “pattern recognition” helped me. I asked him to share his story on… Continue reading

Going up may take you down

In this post I’ve condensed The Power Paradox. Full credit for it’s content goes to the author Dacher Keltner. I’m trying my hand at condensing a long article to 300 words or less.… Continue reading

Repeating things

Repeating things establishes them. Great leaders repeat things that take others and themselves higher. Great leaders are repeaters. On the Negative Repeating office gossip makes it seem true even if it isn’t. Remember… Continue reading

In praise of development

You’ve read books, attended seminars, webinars, or classes, and met people who change you. Today, I’m interested in books that changed you, that developed you as a leader. Four books that are developing me.… Continue reading