Six Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Culture Now

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People in strong cultures smile and laugh.

The idea that it takes fewer muscles to smile than frown is silly. If you don’t want to smile, it doesn’t matter how easy it is.

You may think you’re smiling, but does your face know?

Dead giveaway:

Frowners aren’t present. A serious face, when you’re with others, says your mind is elsewhere. Deep thinking requires frowning, scowling, and chin rubbing.

Frowners are problem-solvers. Fixing requires deep thinking. They say, “Hire people smarter than you.” So, if the people around you are so smart, why are you fixing and solving?

Frowners are self-absorbed. Smilers have an outward focus. Frowners sink inward. Thinking about yourself all the time makes you ugly.

People who feel superior don’t smile. They’re looking down on others. Smiling and power often have an inverse relationship.

Culture building:

You don’t smile enough.

Building strong organization requires smiling.

You set the tone. Telling people to be happy doesn’t matter until you smile. People reflect leadership.

Culture isn’t in desks, paint, or carpet. These things express culture, but, they don’t make it.

Strong culture is in strong people.

Free your smile by building and believing in the strengths of others.

Six ways to smile more and build a strong culture:

  1. Be with people when you are with people.
  2. Become “one of” not “one above.” Partner rather than supervise or fix.
  3. Celebrate strengths more than fixing weaknesses. Seeing strength in others makes you attractive.
  4. Let your face – lips and eyes – express what’s in your heart.
  5. Trust.
  6. Think in private. Public smiling requires private thinking.

Fake smiling makes you look foolish. But, if you want a strong culture, start smiling.

Why don’t leaders smile?

How can leaders smile more?