Community update – 05/08/10

“Things that Tick Leaders Off” received more comments than any LF blog. If you didn’t read it, check it out. Some comments are serious. Some made me laugh out loud. I didn’t reply to… Continue reading

You can’t get there from here

An outsider stopped outside a cedar clad country store. Sitting on the weathered porch a wrinkled New Englander eyeballed the flat lander climb out of a shiny SUV. The city slicker called to… Continue reading

Pushing ropes or fueling fires

Motivating others can be as challenging as pushing ropes. Leaders and managers push people by pressuring, explaining, creating check points, measuring production, threatening, rewarding, and more. Successful leaders learn how to push ropes… Continue reading

Things that tick leaders off

I’m declaring this “Whining Wednesday.” I’m going to share something that ticks me off. I’m not really looking for an answer. I’m just whining. It really ticks me off when those going nowhere… Continue reading

10 Ways to get the most from criticism

Every leader hears both personal and organizational criticism. Personal criticism is directed toward leaders themselves and organizational criticism focuses on the organizations they lead. Here’s how to get the most from organizational criticism… Continue reading

Community Update – 05/01/10

It’s exciting to see both regular and new people leaving comments on LF. I love being part of a community where people share their perspective, thoughts, experiences, and wisdom. Some comments affirm, some… Continue reading