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How to Influence Like Peter Drucker

Extend your influence by following the example of Peter Drucker. Drucker’s 9 channels of influence: “Define the landscape.” “Expose ‘white space’ – define opportunities – what is needed now.” “Clarify strengths and capacities.” “Identify… Continue reading

Six Secrets to Winning at Office Politics

The most qualified people don’t always get the most done or earn the best promotions. We all know someone who got promoted because they knew the right person. Being great at your job… Continue reading

How to Lead Like Ellen DeGeneres

Negative focus creates negative environments. But, successful leaders build energizing environments. Your primary influence is the environment you create.”  Peter Senge Lead like a comedian: Comedians influence others. Leadership is influence. Learn about… Continue reading

Five Ways to Turn Adversaries into Allies

Forget about strolling through life and ending with extraordinary impact. Leadership is never an accident. Influence is intentional, focused, and earned. Leaders intentionally have point B in mind. Bob Burg’s new book, Adversaries into… Continue reading