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Lousy Leaders Coddle

Coddling leaders are safe; compassionate leaders dangerous. Coddling, like all leadership behaviors, reflects attitudes about yourself and others. Coddling isn’t compassionate it’s needy, misguided, self-important, and self-propagating. The more you coddle the more… Continue reading

Too Afraid to Matter

Image source *** Fear binds to the present. Paralyzing fear pats you on the back when nothing changes. Fear cheers for the status quo. Fear says; don’t stand out because you’ll: Look foolish.… Continue reading

From Tantrums to Leadership

Image source by by Piotr Siedlecki Weak, fearful leaders are like unrully two year olds. They create messes and throw tantrums. Undeveloped, incompetent leaders are “takers” who believe followers exist to serve them Weak… Continue reading

Top Ten Qualities of Exceptional Leaders

Fitting in is the formula for mediocrity. Average is safe, boring, and deadly. I’ve been rubbing elbows with outstanding leaders from organizations on the Great Place to Work list of exceptional companies. Excellence… Continue reading

The Worst Leadership Tragedy

The worst leadership tragedy is *pissing away your potential. Stop insulting your Maker, degrading yourself, and disrespecting the people around you by wasting inborn aptitudes and abilities. Neglect and negativity never achieve results.… Continue reading

Bringing Hands-Off and Hands-On Together

I lead with a hands-on type leader.  I’m a hands-off.  He’s a, “get things done type,” I’m a, “go with it type.” I thrive in ambiguity; too much frustrates him. The other day,… Continue reading