Few things sting more than the sting of disrespect.

Put-downs are nothing more than disrespect.

Facebook fans filled in the blank: I feel disrespected when ______.

  1. Someone looks at their phone or computer while I’m in a meeting they’ve called.
  2. Policy is determined by everyone except those directly involved for implementation and funding.
  3. Someone tells me how I feel.
  4. I don’t look after myself.
  5. People cut me off mid sentence.

Don’t respect:

  1. Fakers.
  2. Liars.
  3. Backstabbers.
  4. People who pretend to agree when they don’t.

Extend respect, don’t seek it.

People who respect you:

  1. Want to connect with you.
  2. Follow your instructions.
  3. Trust you.
  4. Speak well of you.
  5. Listen to you.

Respect feels like admiration.

Special group:

It took me too long to respect those who thought different from me. They were an annoyance.

The people who don’t think like you are hard to respect. But, they expand, extend, and challenge you. Add their perspective, where possible, without losing yours.

The people we respect:

  1. Respect themselves. Those who don’t respect themselves won’t respect you.
  2. Receive correction with gratitude.
  3. Pursue excellence and a tender heart at the same time.
  4. Admire those with knowledge..
  5. Succeed at helping others succeed.
  6. Use positive language more than negative.
  7. Tell the truth even when it hurts
  8. Demonstrate unique skills in their area of expertise.
  9. Honor those over them. (Boards, bosses, authorities)
  10. Chase noble goals.
  11. Aren’t bull headed.
  12. Reject arrogance.
  13. Act humbly.
  14. Use words sparingly.
  15. Learn from experience. They don’t repeat the same mistakes.
  16. Acknowledge challenges, but maintain optimism.
  17. Think about showing respect rather than receiving it.

Bonus: Earn respect by respecting decisions you disagree with – “How to Disagree.”

If you have to tell someone to respect you, they don’t.

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What makes you feel disrespected?

What are the qualities of the leaders you most respect?