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4 Ways to Do Less and Get More Done Today

You get more done when you do less, and you get less done when you do more. Constant busyness produces shallow people. Most of us do too much of what matters less. I… Continue reading

3 Ways to Practice Steady-On Leadership

“Steady-on.” That’s what my friend Dave says when you ask, “How ya doin’?” Dave works at farmer-pace. He wouldn’t win any sprints. I’ve done a couple things with Dave, and I can testify… Continue reading

Put One Big Rock on Your Calendar

The end of this week is your last opportunity to put a big rock on next week’s calendar. Once day-to-day urgencies appear, they prevent you from accomplishing important tasks. You’ve been meaning to… Continue reading

A Leader Without Priorities is a Chipmunk on Steroids

A chipmunk on steroids is always hungry. He drops the nut in his paws to grab the imploring nut that just plunked beside him. Trivialities mesmerize in organizations that lack priorities. 5 truths… Continue reading

The Urgency Illusion: Are You Running Around with Your Hair on Fire? Here’s Why!

The urgent has obscured the important if you’re constantly running around with your hair on fire. Distracted leaders finish a few ‘small’ tasks before doing important work. Stop saying, “Let me finish these… Continue reading

How to Overcome the Distraction of Compassion

Distracted leaders are octopods spinning like tornados with sucker-filled tentacles clinging to ‘important’ trivialities. You can’t go eight directions at the same time and make meaningful progress. The centrifugal force of distraction drives… Continue reading