4 Surprising Realities That Infuse Meaning into Leadership

Organizations can’t give leadership meaning. Bosses and colleagues can’t give it. Meaningful leadership is your responsibility alone. Meaning is energy to run a painful race. 4 surprising realities that infuse meaning into leadership:… Continue reading

One Simple Question That Keeps Projects from Going off the Rails

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20 Unexpected Firsts that Make Average Leaders Remarkable

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My Best Relationship Advice for Leaders

It’s tragic to fight the battle alone. A relationship with someone who acts with the best interest of others sustains you. “A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can… Continue reading

A 3-Minute Adventure

Leadership is an adventure with an elusive destination. It would be easier if stability was common and turbulence less frequent. But busyness blinds us to the most important adventure. One day you look… Continue reading

3 Ways Remarkable Leaders Put Themselves First

Remarkable leaders put themselves second. But only fools sacrifice their future to make transitory purchases. It’s deadly to put others first when you should put yourself first. Normal folks transform into remarkable leaders… Continue reading