7 Leader-Leeches Who Drain Everyone

Leeches have suckers at both ends.  Britannica says there are 650 species of leeches. 7 Leader-Leeches: #1. Busy leader-leeches Always in a hurry. (Related to the dreaded squirrel-leech.) Complete low-priority items and delay… Continue reading

3 Secrets of Humble Leadership

The secrets of leadership are seen best by the humble. Arrogance blinds. There’s an inverse relationship between arrogance and perception. As arrogance goes up, self-perception goes down. 3 Secrets of humble leadership: #1.… Continue reading

When High Expectation Comes Out as Criticism and Complaint

High expectations too often come out as disappointment and dissatisfaction. Why would people reach high when they’re met with criticism and complaint? Leaders with high expectations tend to point out what isn’t good… Continue reading

3 Ways to Identify Arrogant Leaders

New Book giveaway!! 20 complimentary copies available. Leave a comment on this guest post by Cheryl Bachelder to become eligible to win one of TWENTY complimentary copies of  the best-selling book, “Dare to Serve:… Continue reading

7 Things New Inexperienced Leaders Must Do

The good news is you earned the opportunity to lead. The bad news is you’ll probably crash and burn. (But get up again when you do.) 7 Things New Inexperienced Leaders Must Do:… Continue reading

5 Unexpected Strategies that Make Leaders Disproportionately Better

#1. Liking. Think about things you like about the people on your team, even someone you’re managing out. Silently repeat, “I respect you,” when talking with others. Ask people what they think. Pat… Continue reading