4 Ways to Become a Leader with an Open Heart

Leading is a battle when you build walls around your heart. But a leader with an open heart builds supportive relationships. People in relationship work hard for each other. A team of average… Continue reading

How to Choose A Dynamic Self-Development Goal

The first development is self-development. #1. Explore widely. What leadership skills and behaviors seem most relevant to pressing challenges and current opportunities? Make a long list. #2. Use an aspirational lens. Look through… Continue reading

4 Ways Managers Screwup One-On-Ones

A simple thing that’s made complex disappoints and drains. 4 ways to screwup one-on-ones: #1. Leave them to the last minute. People feel valued when you prioritize time with them. Rushing around at… Continue reading

Forgiveness: The Invisible Derailer that Frustrates Leaders

Attitudes are invisible but they always show themselves somehow. Your attitude toward disappointment can make or break your leadership. The way you deal with disappointment is a lid or a platform. Stumbling toward… Continue reading

What Would You Do If Your Future Depended on Your Conversations?

I’M DELIGHTED TO HOST ANOTHER BOOK GIVEAWAY!! 20 copies available!! Leave a comment on this guest post by Jackie Stavros and Cheri Torres to become eligible for one of 20 complimentary copies of… Continue reading

How to Honor the Law of Vitality

You’re worn out because the escalator is going down and you’re going up. You stumble because you won’t turn around. Some things don’t work no matter how hard you try. People often ask… Continue reading