4 Ways to Activate Your Strengths Today

Anything that points you inward and leaves you there offends your strengths.  Strengths based leadership goes astray when it makes success all about you. The world doesn’t revolve around you. The Universe is… Continue reading

4 Ways to Challenge People with Power and Grace

You can’t drift to high performance. Skillful leaders challenge people. Successful challenge unleashes human potential. Rising to meet a challenge: Develops self-confidence. Enhances self-respect. Elevates fulfillment. Improves performance. Earns respect from others. Strengthens… Continue reading

4 Simple Ways to Quiet a Need to Be Liked

Enjoy it, but don’t need to be liked. You live life at the whim of others when you need to be liked. You can’t succeed as a leader when your need to be… Continue reading

5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Stress

Chronic stress corrodes your brain. Stress in large doses makes you stupid. Some parts of your brain shrink under the influence of prolonged stress.* Chronic stress lowers brain power and emotional responsiveness. 5… Continue reading

Community Village: 7 Ways Village Builders Win

You live an impoverished life apart from a village. Life on your own is empty. The richest possible life turns toward community. You need a community to flourish. Life is better when you… Continue reading

The Single Best Way to Respond to Questions

Hire people who ask questions. They’re smarter than people who don’t. Some leaders don’t have time for questions. Others are afraid of questions. They think, “What if I don’t have the answer?” Some… Continue reading