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How Unpredictable Conditions can Produce Radical Innovation

The Real Work of Leaders Happens on the Balcony

Personal note: Dear Reader, This post published at 7:30 a.m. EST. While standing in line to board a plane, my editor told me I needed an apostrophe on one of the words. When… Continue reading

The Music of Day-to-Day Leadership

If you want to be a better leader, choose better words.   Power of words: People determine if you are positive or negative, backward-looking or forward-focused, follower or leader, weak or powerful by… Continue reading

7 Ways to Take Responsibility for Team Success

The simplest definition of ‘leader’ is someone with followers. But how can you be worthy of being followed? “Leadership is a matter of how to be, not how to do.” Frances Hesselbein “Becoming… Continue reading