Three Neglected Skills that Sabotage Sincere Leaders

The ability for sincere leaders to sabotage themselves spoils talent. 3 neglected skills that sabotage sincere leaders: #1. Selling all the peas. Don’t sell all the peas, eat some. Harvest is reward for… Continue reading

How to Never Let Anything Bother You Again

They told me a lot of things bothered grandfather Morrison. He had a terrible temper when he was young. But I never saw it. I think it’s a good thing because he was… Continue reading

How Solutions Make Leaders Stupid

I was surprised to hear the co-founder of Netflix say, “Fall in love with the problem.” (Marc Randolph) I’ve been teaching leaders to fall in love with solution-finding. So, I did some investigating.… Continue reading

The 5 Worst Mistakes Leaders Make

You’re more likely to succeed if you stop doing stupid things.* The 5 worst mistakes you need to avoid #1. Passivity in the face of recurring frustration. Speak up if your meetings aren’t… Continue reading

How to Stumble Toward Wisdom and Find Success

We stumble toward wisdom all our lives, but some die a fool’s death. Wisdom thrives regardless of circumstances. How to stumble toward wisdom: The influence of wise leaders helps us stumble toward wisdom.… Continue reading

Dealing with Anger: 3 ways to Transform Negative Energy into Positive Action

Successful leaders know how to transform negative energy into positive action. You don’t care enough if you never feel irritation or frustration. The temptation of anger: Emotion controls action. Angry leaders get quick… Continue reading