Christmas, Deadlines, and Procrastination

Christmas is a deadline that can’t be postponed. 4 benefits of deadlines: Focus. Urgency. Decisiveness. Action. Deadlines don’t work when goals don’t capture hearts and minds. December 25 is just another day if… Continue reading

The Wailing Lady

The flight from Dallas to Philadelphia was shorter than expected, but the landing was disturbingly loud. The lady two rows in front of me wailed in panic. I buckled up in Dallas when… Continue reading

10 Truths About Commitment That Enlarge Leadership

If it feels like you’re pushing ropes, the problem is commitment. You’re doomed to disappointment, stress, and frustration when you pressure people to do things they aren’t committed to do. Coerced commitments are… Continue reading

10 Ways to Deal with Two-Faced Backstabbers

Most people want to do good, but a few enjoy doing bad. If you’ve been thrown under the bus, you know what I mean. Skillful backstabbers feign friendship, but they live on the… Continue reading

Take a real break, leader! Your life and your work depend on it.

NEW BOOK GIVEAWAY! 20 copies available!! Leave a comment on this guest post by Marilyn Paul, Ph.D. to become eligible for one of 20 complimentary copies of her book, An Oasis in Time:… Continue reading

Two Cures for Novice-Arrogance

A first-time manager knows about management like a single person knows about marriage. A novice-manager understands managing like a couple without children understands raising children. DOING explodes the myth of perceived knowledge. Knowing… Continue reading