The Power of Showing Up – Choose How You Show Up or Someone Else Will

I spent too much time feeling like a puppet with someone’s hand shoved up my back. I blame myself. Where is the power to choose how YOU show up? When you let others… Continue reading

Overcome Resistance to Change: Magnets or Bowling Balls

If everyone likes it, why bother? Change is never enjoyed by everyone. Leaders think too much about ‘what’ and not enough about ‘how’ when making change. Failure: John Kotter suggests 8 reasons transformation… Continue reading

Leading Change: Why Things Get Worse Before they Get Better

Things typically get worse before they get better. That’s not pessimism. It’s reality. What happens when you ‘improve’ a practice or procedure at work? Productivity goes down. Frustration goes up. It takes time… Continue reading

Dear Dan: I’m Writing a Resignation Letter to an Employer who Treated me Poorly

Dear Dan, I wonder how best to write a resignation letter. I’m in my late twenties and I’ve found a new position. I’ve been woefully underpaid and unappreciated. I’m wondering about explaining the… Continue reading

How to Respond When Team Members Put Themselves Down

Your perspective on others isn’t as important as their perspective on themselves. You short-circuit growth when you rush to comfort, contradict self-criticisms, or offer quick solutions. Why we bully ourselves: We disrespect the… Continue reading

Have you Fallen into the Destructive Practice of Offering Harmful Help

Harmful help looks like… Not doing your own job because you’re doing other people’s jobs. Bottlenecking results. Burnout. Resentment toward people who should be helping themselves and others. Disappointment because you helped someone,… Continue reading