Go Big or Go Home

Winners for this giveaway have been selected and notified. The giveaways of Mark Miller’s new book, Leaders Made Here: Building a Leadership Culture, are going so well that we’re doing it again!! 30 more… Continue reading

5 Guaranteed Ways to Pour Slop Out of Your Bucket

Overbooked, overwhelmed, and over-committed … You have slop in your bucket. Life grows meaningless as time passes, unless you pour out the slop. 5 guaranteed ways to pour slop out of your bucket: #1.… Continue reading

7 Principles of Success for Leading Innovative Initiatives

Innovative initiatives require quick wins. But unable to choose is unable to move. 7 principles of success for leading innovative initiatives: #1. New initiatives need to inspire energy to survive and thrive. Leaders get… Continue reading

The Anatomy of Performance Enhancing Coaching Conversations

Don’t wait for poor performance to discuss high performance. Make ‘getting better’ normal by scheduling bi-monthly coaching conversations.  The anatomy of performance enhancing coaching conversation: (Consider this list a loose structure for a coaching conversation.)… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: How to Prevent Cynicism

Hi Dan, My organization is going through a very large merger with a lot of unknowns in there. Do you have advice on preventing employee cynicism? I would love to hear your thoughts… Continue reading

3 Things High Performers Hate About Meetings

The likelihood that you run productive meetings is roughly the same as a coin toss.* Keep in mind that the higher you go in organizational life, the more meetings you lead. If you… Continue reading